The Two Most Fun Crypto Projects of 2021: Axie Infinity & Dogecoin

2021 was an fantastic year for the cryptocurrency marketplace in a lot of ways with top rated coins Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) hitting document highs of $68,789.63 and $4,891.70 in accordance to CoinMarketCap.

Next the accomplishment of the two primary crypto assets, there were two “fun” altcoin initiatives that played an crucial job in shaping the cryptocurrency landscape in 2021.

Axie Infinity

Deserving the spotlight is enjoy-to-earn (p2e) buying and selling and battling activity, Axie Infinity. Produced by Sky Mavis, the Pokemon encouraged game permits participants to gather, breed, increase, battle and trade NFT-primarily based creatures called Axies. The system was a single of the early assignments that moved away from the Ethereum network due to the fact of large service fees and slow transactions.

Enjoy-to-gain and primarily Axie Infinity has proven alone as a actual admirer preferred in the past 12 months 2021, giving its consumers with the likelihood to get paid a day-to-day revenue along with their gameplay. The added buck an noticeable advantage and aggressive gain, when evaluating to classic pay out-to-participate in versions. Something which has not gone unnoticed in nations like the Philippines the place Axie Infinity has built it to the most preferred on the web games all around.

The platform’s native AXS token surged to new highs as Axie Infinity became a house title. The system generated everyday revenues of pretty much $20 million in August and the token reached an all-time higher of $165.37 in the very first 7 days of November.

resource: CoinMarketCap

Bagging their huge achievements so much, Axie Infinity announced ideas of launching its own decentralized crypto exchange.


In 2021, there has not been any cryptocurrency, other than Bitcoin and Ethereum, that has gotten so considerably awareness and positivity as the “people’s crypto”, Dogecoin, even bridging the gap with mainstream media.

Whilst the open up resource, evidence-of-get the job done meme coin had been typically dormant when it will come to network developments, it continually produced headlines throughout the calendar year, foremost to some severe endorsements and even a future roadmap to fortify its attraction among the what is mostly a “young” crowd of investors.

Th frequent and by now infamous shilling from Tesla CEO and self-proclaimed ‘Dogefather’ Elon Musk aided to press Doge to an all-time higher of $.7376 on Could 8, just at the time of Musk’s notorious visual appearance on Saturday Night time Stay.

supply: CoinMarketCap

The DOGE token been given all sorts of awareness this calendar year. From getting employed to support fund the launch of a lunar satellite by SpaceX, Burgerking Brazil offering a Dogepper biscuit, to the launch of a Dogecoin Poker room. On top of this, the meme-coin got stated on the most significant cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and kicked off a whole new meme-coin rally centered close to the Shiba breed, offering beginning to its own Dogekiller coin, Shiba Inu.

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