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In the wake of E3, numerous players have been remaining clamouring for a lot more updates regarding their favorite online games. Not every activity was specified the spotlight even so, as several significant profile fanbases (these kinds of as Animal Crossing) were still left with out mention.

A person of the largest turning factors at this convention, however, was how variety in gaming has been promoted to the primary stage. Spurred on by chat of diversity in gaming, ManySpins decided to examine the 500 greatest earning woman gamers in the planet and ascertain which nation has made the best amount of top earning female gamers!

The entire results, including the most preferred games, can be discovered on the ManySpins weblog put up:

The Final results:

ManySpins can expose that, in initial location, is the United States. Virtually 2/5s of the best earning woman gamers originate from the US, at 161 gamers! Leading earning gamers contain Mystik, Emy, and Hafu, and all major U.S. players have gained a blended sum of above £1.3million.

In next place is Russia, with 38 prime earning woman gamers. Leading players from Russia incorporate CS:GO champs vilga and Ant1ka. Russian gamers have attained in excess of a quarter million, with full earnings calculated at £240,061.63.

Ranking third is China, with 37 top rated earning female gamers. Top avid gamers from China consist of Liooon and Eloise, both of those Hearthstone players, and the put together wealth of all Chinese players is £349,483.77.

In fourth is Canada, dwelling to 35 of the best earning gamers! The highest earning female participant of all time, StarCraft II pioneer Scarlett, hails from Canada and has won extra than $300,000 from the game on your own! Despite position fourth, avid gamers from Canada have gained the 2nd maximum of all with a combined wealth of £610,206.

  1. Brazil = 32 female gamers
  2. France = 30 feminine gamers
  3. Sweden = 19 feminine players
  4. Republic of Korea = 17 female avid gamers

In ninth put is Germany, with 13 of the optimum earning female avid gamers originating from the European state. Inspite of position earlier mentioned the Uk, German feminine avid gamers have not acquired as much with a merged sum of only £29,775.93.

Lastly, ManySpins can expose that in 10th place is the United Kingdom, with 12 of the 500 best earning ladies dwelling in the British isles. Players from the United kingdom have earned a merged sum of £73,849.84.

When conducting this study, Kevin Roos, spokesperson for ManySpins, had this to say

It is vital now that we’re in 2021 to breakdown the stereotype that gaming is a ‘boys club’ as Laila Shabir mentioned in the Consider-Two panel at this years E3, ‘nine out of 10 kids engage in online video video games, not nine out of 10 boys, 9 out of 10 kids’. This helps make it amazingly critical to highlight the ability of feminine avid gamers and showcase that their expertise and prowess is recognised all around the world.